Da Chick - Cocktail letra e video

Da Chick – Cocktail letra e video

Da Chick – Cocktail letra e video

Para já Teresa de Sousa, ou seja Da Chick, devolve-nos uma viagem imaginária que evoca a Nova Iorque funky de outros tempos, mas o seu sonho é mesmo viver na cidade americana.

Da Chick – Cocktail Letra Lyrics

“Let me introduce you To my side of the funk Classy, Nasty, Messy, Sassy And that’s how I began. I am Freak, I’m Da Chick, it is time for you to know me. Your mom will think i’m pretty, And yes i’m pretty lovely”.

This is pretty much how Da Chick’s world can be portrayed. No need and no time for bulshit about what she’s been doing, her record collection and her major influences. She tells us her blood is a mix of rhythm, colours and energy, and you can take her word for it.

‘Curly Mess’ is her brand new cocktail. One taste won’t be nearly enough, but three might: ‘Cocktail’ is an addictive, instant disco classic that will get you tipsy, with the explosive ‘I Say’ you’ll be screaming and begging for more while ‘Flowering’ is the true coming of age soul jam.

While it took her quite some time to find her sound, these tracks were written, recorded and mixed in record time – that’s how bad her music needed to see the light of day. And it’s all there: the big apple suburbs, the classic studios from yesteryear, and the dreamy edge of someone with, most of all, brutal honesty.

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